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This is the core of a community that grows. The better the school system, the better the economy. We must prepare our citizens with skills and a foundation for college along with promoting entrepreneurship. The inclusion of financial literacy in the school curriculum would be beneficial to all of us.


Wicomico County is experiencing very limited economic growth. As we maintain current tax levels, we can, however, expand our tax base with the retention and attraction of professionals that will choose to live in Wicomico County. Talana believes in responsible and wise spending with the future in mind. We must promote and implement programs to increase home-ownership, businesses and large employers in our county.


The awareness that we must protect our valuable resources is ever before us. It is important that we assume responsibility to assure citizens that the earth, air and water are free from contamination. We must be prudent in considering the costs to our businesses and community, with the goal always being to protect the citizens of our community.

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